Balance Your Chakras, Heal Your Life

Mostly ignored by western medicine, too many of us don’t think much about our chakras. It’s not all that tough to see why, as the energy radiating from each can’t be seen by standard medical devices, isn’t something that can be quantified, and often can’t be directly observed. But for those who understand what chakras are and the importance they play in everyone’s life, balancing chakras can be one of the most spiritually, emotionally, and mentally things we could ever do.

First, let’s talk about what chakras are using simple terms.

First is the root chakra or Muladhara, located at the base of our spinE in the groin area. It’s red and regulates energy associated with instinct, survival, and safety.

Next is the sacral chakra or Svadhisthana, which represents our emotional, creative, and sexual energy. Located a few inches below our belly button above our genitals, it is orange.

Above that is the solar plexus chakra or Manipura, which is responsible for willpower, self-esteem, and energy of transformation. It's located about six inches above our belly buttons in the middle of our diaphragm, and is marked by the color yellow and the fire element.

Just above that in the center of the chest is the heart chakra or Anahata. Associated with the color green and the element of air, it regulates self-acceptance, self-love, compassion, openness, and unconditional love of others.

A few inches further up is the throat chakra or Visuddha, located at the base of the neck. This helps with communication, truth, and self-expression, is blue, and connected to the element aether. It’s responsible for energy connected to authenticity, understanding, and creativity.

Upwards is the third eye chakra or Ajna, located in between and just above our eyes. Its color is indigo and is connected to the pineal gland in our brains, helping us with insight and wisdom.

Last is the crown chakra or sahaswrara, right on the very top of our head. Its color is violet, is responsible for thought, awareness, wisdom, and our connection to the Divine – while regulating the energy of our conciousness.

While none of these chakras are more important than the other, their energies do flow from the bottom up, meaning blockages in lower chakras tend to prevent the higher ones from functioning correctly, while blockages in the higher ones disrupt the ability to recycle energy and recharge the lower ones. Each functions as a wheel of sorts, spinning clockwise while absorbing energies from outside, bringing it in, then expelling spent energy back into the world — spiritually similar to how many absorb carbon dioxide and recycle life-giving oxygen back into the world.

Chakras can be healed by a combination of plant-, movement, meditation-, sound-, and spiritual-based therapies, all of which will be available during Desert Bliss.

As someone who’s personally had physical cysts appear at both the root and sacral chakras following years of turmoil related to safety/security and emotional/creative energy, I can attest to the power in balancing each of my spiritual energy wheels as part of a healing process that’s now spanned 15 years. Only by discovering, and unfortunately suffering for too long, and then repairing each lower blockage was I able finally achieve both the peace of mind and wholeness of spirit necessary to become the type of person I was always meant to be.



Tyler Hurst

Tyler Hurst is a freelance writer and soon-to-be yoga instructor healing himself from the mental and physical scars of complex PTSD using plant-, movement-, and spiritually-based methods. Follow him at